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Spyware name: Windows Accidents Prevention

Date added: 1 June 2011 | Type: Rogue Programs


Windows Accidents Prevention is a fake anti-spyware program, which infects computers through Trojans and uses deceptive tactics to convince the victim that the system is infected with viruses.

Removal instructions

To remove this Spyware infection, download Spyware Doctor, install it and run full computer scan. At the end of the scan choose Fix Checked to start computer cleaning process.


· Annoying pop-ups. Alerts and warnings appearring frequently and stating that the computer has been infected. It also can be promotional message asking to register or buy some rogue program.
· Corrupt online scanner. Online scanner is a tool that has an ability to scan computer system without installing a program on computer. The use of corrupt online scanner noticed, which shows user that threats have been detected on his machine.
· Desktop changes. Desktop background (wallpaper) is changed with advertising or warning message promoting fake anti-spyware software. Taskbar together with desktop icons might disapear as well.
· Fake security warnings. Warnings stating that the computer system is not secure.
· Slow computer. Slower computer performance noticed.
· The risk of fraudulent payment. Frequent user persuading to buy rogue program license.


%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\<random>.exe