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I purchased rogue Anti-virus. What to do?

Posted on 29 November 2009
So you made a payment for rogue computer program and assured that it is a scam. What's next?

Credit card company should be contacted as soon as possible and fraudulent money transfer reported, so they might be able to stop the payment or refund the consumer, if the payment has already been made.
Let's say you have been refunded. But criminals (the ones you made a payment for) still have your credit card details, which can anytime be used for black deeds or unauthorized trade. To bypass unwanted subsequence and prevent important information getting into the wrong hands, you might want to consult your bank's, which issued credit card, adviser. The change of a credit card might be necessary.

To avoid unpleasant credit card experience in the future, you have to remember this:
  • Never make any money transfers to less known companies. In this case, try to find the name of a rogue program using search engine and see what information about a product is given. If the majority of websites supply information about how to remove particular rogue program from your computer, expect the product to be fake.
  • You might be dealing with rogue program if it was downloaded and installed on your computer without any intentions. There is a possibility that Trojan is present on your machine, which is able to download and execute files silently. You could get a Trojan visiting malicious website or downloading corrupt file.
  • Heavy spyware warning and security alert window exposure is the sign of rogue program. Programs that behave in such way are classified as scareware. The one and the only purpose of scareware is to show victim that his computer is infected with various threats and persuade him to buy licensed program version in order to remove viruses. After the purchase, rogue program will imitate threat removal process, when computer contains no viruses or spyware, except the program itself.
To increase computer security and stop future threat attacks, you might want to download trusted anti-spyware program.