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Faked Windows Security Center

Posted on 31 October 2009
Windows Security Center (Action Center in Windows 7) is used as a tool to monitor computer system, to warn users about system security failure. Here the user can manage alert settings, change Windows update schedule, set firewall settings, see what anti-virus tool is currently protecting computer. Any system security issue is reported the taskbar area by displaying balloon type message, which clicked on will open Windows Security Center with all the information concerned.

Windows Security Center is a reliable computer security control utility, that may be used against the user for fooling purposes. Since fake anti-virus programs have become an effective method for hustling inexperienced Internet user, criminals use various additional techniques to increase the efficiency of deception. One of them - fake Windows Security Center, which is installed along with fake AV. It presence can be noticed as an additional element in the taskbar area, in a shape of red shield. Faked Security Center alerts are being generated to convince the user that computer system is insecure and needs further attention. It's not that easy to distinguish original alert from the fake one. All alerts generated by fake Windows Security Center is not reliable and are intended to deceive the consumer. Warning messages are stating that:
  • Suspicious network activity has been noticed;
  • Private information is in danger;
  • Possible Virus or Spyware threats are present;
  • Internet attacks are in progress;
Reaction to a false warning by clicking on the warning will open faked Security Center window, where fake AV will be advertised stating that it can allegedly cope with computer security issues. Typically, Fake Windows Security Center will begin to display fake alerts right after rogue program has been installed. Fake Windows Security Center is tended to persistent user pestering to buy a license for the software.